Sky Living for Sport
Wed, Apr 5, 2017 1:49 PM

The 2nd year 9 Sky Living for Sport group decided to lead a year 7 Inter-Form Sports competition as their end of project goal. For the past 12 weeks they have been working on their communication, leadership and teamwork skills in a series of lessons. This has involved working with Olympic Athlete Abi Oyepitan and their PE teacher Mr Butcher. The aim of the project is to raise the year 9's confidence and aspirations to succeed in all challenges that they face. The project has culminated with the group organising from start to finish an interform competition. The students even went into tutor groups with a survey to find out which tournament the year 7s would most like to participate in. Following this they set out to get teams written down and created the rules of the competition. The group decided different roles to undertake such as scorer, official, equipment organiser, timer etc.  The afternoon went very smoothly with all of the students taking part enthusiastically. The year 9's received a big round of applause from the competitors at the end as thanks for organising an extremely successful event! 

'Well done for completing the project so successfully, you have been a great team'!