Annual Prize-giving Celebration
Tue, Oct 9, 2018 2:32 PM

On Thursday 4th October the Academy celebrated the achievements of students during the last academic year during their Prize Giving evening. The rewards were for achievement and progress and each department nominated students for each award. There were over 150 students awarded prizes from a range of subject for their efforts and achievements.

Our guest speaker was Susan Fleet, current Chair of Burgess Hill Business Parks Association.  “It was an honour to represent the Burgess Hill Business Parks Association at the Burgess Hill Academy Prize-Giving Evening.  This was especially poignant for me as I started at the school exactly five decades ago and ostensibly the school retains its same ethos, which is reassuring.

I was impressed by the calibre of the prize winners and by the warm welcome I received. I am keen to further strengthen the links between Burgess Hill Academy and the town’s businesses so look forward to greater collaboration.”

Congratulations Ruby, presented with the Burgess Hill & District Rotary Club Newcomer of the Year Award by Doug Anthony, Vice President, President Elect.  We are very grateful for the continued support of the Burgess Hill and District Rotary Club.

“I am so proud of all the students recognised for their achievement at our prize giving event. There was a packed hall and balcony full of parents and community members all eager to show their support for our amazing young people. A massive thank you to the Rotary Club for supporting this event.  Speakers from year 8,9 ,10 and 11 spoke about their year 2018 at the academy with real eloquence, wit and passion. It was genuinely moving to see the support for the year from the hall. We were fortunate to have Susan Fleet chair of the Business Parks Association to inspire the audience. As an ex-student she told of how setbacks along the way made her stronger and her varied and successful career has many lessons for our students.  A fantastic event. Well done all.”  Jon Francies, Principal.