Sports Dinner 2018
Fri, May 4, 2018 1:15 PM
On Thursday 26th March, The Burgess Hill Academy hosted their Annual Sports Dinner.  The Barden Hall had been transformed to look like a restaurant, each table adorned with balloon decorations.

The evening involved  some  games, some quizzes, some interactive physical challenges and most importantly the presentations of awards, to some very deserving winners.

Mr Vincent kicked off the evening with another round of hilarious jokes and a montage of staff arm wrestling on the big screen. Those that guessed the winner of the  Greyhound race got to have a chance at winning some money at a Golf Putting Challenge (but nobody did- meaning it’s a ‘rollover’ for 2019!!)

Mr Butcher's Bumper Fun sports quiz Kahoot was very competitive, as was the Table Tennis event.

The students enjoyed a sumptuous meal and every student was celebrated for their efforts in PE this year with some being awarded extra recognition and awards.