Faraday Challenge
Wed, Mar 28, 2018 11:40 AM
The annual IET Faraday Challenge is an engineering-based competition for schools.  A group of The Burgess Hill Academy students were fortunate to participate this year.

Six teams of six students, aged 12-13 years, compete against one another to see who can design, create and promote the best solution to a given challenge. All challenges are genuine, real-life engineering problems.   https://faraday-secondary.theiet.org/faraday-challenge-days/

I really enjoyed the Faraday challenge as it was a totally new experience which taught me a lot of new things. I found it really interesting to find out how much engineering there is in the world. We were shown around Newhaven UTC and got to work as a team to engineer part of a mini rollercoaster.

Also the Faraday challenge taught us many life skills like, planning and making sure we stay in our budget. We had many roles as a team: accountant, build manager, head manager etc. We had a few disagreements but we spoke as a team, one at a time to solve our issues. All in all we had an amazing experience with the Faraday challenge and hope the other teams did as well.”  Sam, year 9 .