Dame Vera Lynn interview
Thu, Mar 16, 2017 3:06 PM

Today we had the honour to speak to Dame Vera Lynn about her amazing accomplishments through-out her career. Dame Vera Lynn answered questions about her childhood and how the world has changed through generations and what drove her to go to such lengths just to make everyone’s day lighter and full of hope.

Dame Vera Lynn expressed her feelings about how the community in her day was closer and had more spirit. The Dame also said that there is wonderful, elements of both eras and that it’s also really important to look at all the good things around us.

When we asked Vera how she felt to turn 100 and look back on all of her of her breath taking achievements she said that she felt blessed and has achieved everything that she could’ve hoped for. Dame Vera explained that it’s very important to not forget our history and all the brave sacrifices that our brave heroes made in the tragic war and we should also learn from the past.

When we asked questions about the memorable songs like “we will meet again” Dame Vera Lynn explained that her husband Harry went to fight in the war but fortunately she wasn’t very far away from him but said that she thinks that captures the mood of the nation. Dame Vera Lynn said that she always chose what songs she sang based on the lyrics. It was quite moving when Dame Vera said that everyone was doing their bit to contribute to the war and that very few people were going abroad to encourage the troops so that’s why she went over-seas to sing to all of our courageous heroes.

Dame Vera told us that she starting to support the cause in 1950s. Cerebral palsy was quite unheard of back then and she wanted to shine the spotlight on the young people suffering from the awful disease and that the charity is so wonderful.  

Article by Molly, Jaimee, Charlotte and Rhianna