Jack Gets His Hat Back
Thu, Mar 16, 2017 1:15 PM

Three years ago one of the windmills on the South Downs, Jack, got his roof removed. But today, he gets his hat back. Does this mean more tourists for Sussex?
We have spoken to people who surround the windmills and The Downs area and go some of their opinions on the new cap!

Jack and Jill pub survey-

We are aware that the Jack windmill is having its top put back on today, as it’s been off for 3 years. How do you feel this would affect your business?

There will be no difference to our pub. The site attract more people and it makes the area look nicer.

Did you feel your business dropped after jacks cap was removed?

There was no difference to our business.

Do you think Jack and Jill helped your business thrive?

I think it attracts more customers, so I suppose it does.

Okay, thank you for your time. We appreciate it!


Jack and Jill Owner Survey-

Do you think the fact the top is being put back on will attract more visitors?

Yes, we are restoring the site as a special tourist attraction. Very few places have 2 windmills next to each other.

Do you think you should have spread the word about the top being put on again more?

No, because it is a private windmill. However I think there is a piece in the Mid Sussex Times.

Do you get some of the windmill donations?

No, all donations go to the Jill Windmill Society.

Okay thank you for your time. We appreciate it!


Jack and Jill Local Survey-

Have you heard about Jack Windmill having its roof put back on today?

I have heard about it, however did not know it was today.

Have you been to the windmills before?


How did you find your experience?

I enjoyed it, however my wife wasn’t so keen! She was scared coming down, because she could see through the cracks. So yes and no.

Now you know it has been renovated, will you be visiting anytime soon?

Because of my wife probably not, however I would like to go look at them.