Mental Health in Schools
Thu, Mar 16, 2017 1:03 PM

I am reporting about at schools over 70% of teenagers experience negative feelings in the past year. I have interviewed an teacher at The Burgess Hill Academy, Mr Snape. The first question that I asked him was how do you think about this. He replied  "It is quite sad really, it's something we've ignored for so long and done nothing about. Then I asked him" Do your think the The Burgess Hill Academy should do more on mental health. If not, why. Mr Snape then replied that we need to do more about it, We need teachers that are experts on dealing with it and need CAMHS (Child analesent mental health service.) The last question I asked Mr Snape was do you think that this is a problem with The Burgess Hill Academy. Mr Snape then said "We can improve it but can't solve it.

Article written by Stuart