Ofsted inspectors were very positive about the progress made by staff and students at Oakmeeds Community College, following their two-day monitoring inspection in June.

After their visit on 9 and 10 June 2015, inspectors commented that students’ progress continues to show improvement in all year groups and for different groups of students. They added: “Students all have clear personal goals or targets. These are helping to raise aspiration and achievement.”

Other observations included:

  • The quality of teaching continues to improve, leading to students’ better achievement.
  • Teachers are improving the way that they set work to meet the differing needs of students.
  • School leaders have continued to improve teaching systematically, working with staff to develop key teaching strategies across the school.
  • The school offers a broad curriculum, especially at Key Stage 4. There are many useful visits out and fieldwork opportunities. Students benefit from a very wide range of GCSE options.
  • Students behave in a friendly, considerate and orderly way. They are helpful and polite, showing pride in their school and wearing their uniforms and physical education kits smartly.
  • Students’ attendance has improved notably across all groups of students.
  • The governing body continues to improve and sharpen its work.

Ofsted inspectors met with the headteacher and deputy headteacher, members of staff, groups of students, governors and a representative from the local authority. Inspectors also observed 22 lessons, made short visits to a number of other lessons, scrutinised students’ work and attended an assembly.