Staff List

Our teaching staff are not always able to check their emails until the end of the day, if however your enquiry is of an urgent nature, contact

Leadership Team
Title Name Position Email
Mr Francies Principal email
Mr Vice Associate Principal email
Mr Snape Senior Assistant Principal email
Miss Bignell Assistant Principal email
Ms McGeough Assistant Principal email
Mr Smith Assistant Principal email
Miss Howell Associate Assistant Principal / Teacher - PE email
Mr Verniol Associate Assistant Principal / Subject Leader - MFL email
Subject Leaders
Title Name Position Email
Mrs Bishop Subject Leader - Art email
Mrs Bonner Director of Learning - English email
Mr Ferrier Subject Leader - Maths email
Mrs Frean Subject Leader - Music email
Mr Frean Subject Leader - Science email
Mrs Preston Subject Leader - History email
Mrs Salter Subject Leader - Geography email
Mr Vincent Subject Leader - PE email
Mr Wood Subject Leader - Music email
Title Name Position Email
Mrs Allan Teacher - Maths email
Mrs Ambridge Teacher - Science email
Mr Ambridge Teacher - Science email
Mrs Arbon Teacher - Maths email
Mrs Bartella Teacher - English email
Miss Beaney Teacher - Maths email
Mrs Box Teacher - Maths email
Miss Burdett Teacher - Maths/PE email
Mr Butcher Teacher / Sports Mentor - PE email
Mr Coote Teacher - Science email
Mrs Davey Teacher - English email
Mrs Donneger Lead Teacher - Art email
Ms Gaiger Teacher - ICT email
Mr Hamilton Teacher - Humanities email
Mrs Hodgkiss Teacher - English email
Mrs Iacurci Lead Teacher - English email
Ms Jarvis Teacher - English email
Ms Jenkins Teacher - Science email
Mrs Jones Teacher - Maths email
Mr Kirkby Teacher - DT email
Mrs Lake Teacher - MFL email
Ms Laker Teacher - Maths email
Ms Leddy Teacher - Science email
Miss Leslie Lead Teacher - Humanities email
Mrs Maccoll Teacher - English email
Mrs McIver Teacher - Maths email
Mrs Oliveros Teacher - English email
Miss Parker Teacher - DT email
Ms Penny Teacher - MFL email
Miss Potton Teacher - Maths email
Mr Sluman Teacher - English email
Mrs Tanner Teacher - Science email
Miss Turner School Sports Coordinator email
Mrs Wilson Lead Teacher - DT email
Mr Wood Teacher - RE/PSE email
Pastoral Team
Title Name Position Email
Mrs Ridley Pastoral Leader - Year 7 email
Ms McGeough Head of Year 7 email
Ms Tanner Head Of Year 8 email
Miss Howell Head of Year 9 email
Mrs McIver Head of Year 10 email
Miss Gaiger Head of Year 11 email
Mrs Simmons Behaviour Manager email
Mrs Funnell Pastoral & Attendance Lead email