The Academy is part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, a multi academy trust which is sponsored by the University of Brighton.

The trust’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the educational and financial performance of all of the academies in the trust; the trustees are the statutory governors of each academy and the company directors & charitable trustees of the University of Brighton Academies Trust.

Further information about the University of Brighton Academies Trust’s governance arrangements, including its Board of Trustees, Scheme of Delegation, Articles of Association and Funding Agreement, are available on the trust’s website.

A series of committees, including a Local Board for each academy (or group of academies), supports the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Constitution Membership
Five co-opted members nominated by the Local Board: Ian Hughes
Peter Talarico
Richard Cherry
Two parent representatives elected by the parents of the Academy: Paul Anthony
Richard Bowles
One staff representative elected by the staff of the Academy: ______________
Academy Principal: Jon Francies
Clerk to Local Board: Caroline Spender

Local Governing Body Attendance 2016-17 Governors Declaration of Interests 2016-17 Local Board Terms of Reference Membership 2017/18 Local Governing Body membership during the past 12 months