GCSE Performance 2018

We are so proud of our students and their achievements.

The class of 2018 faced the massive challenge of new GCSE 1- 9 grades. They achieved our best results ever.

84% passed maths.

83% passed English.

Attainment 8 (the measure of achievement across 8 specified subjects) was the schools best ever with a score of 49.77.

The following subjects were all significantly above national average – Maths, English, science, history, French, Spanish, business, photography, psychology, drama and PE.

Progress 8 – Has hugely improved to a positive score.

Over one in every 5 grades was an A or A*.

2017 2018
Progress 8-0.1+
Attainment 847.6649.77
English and maths 4+69%80%
English and maths 5+52%58%
English 4+80%83%
English 5+69%70%
Maths 4+76%84%
Maths 5+56%67%
5 A-C including maths and English68%76%
As/ A*21%22%
Two passes in science65%75%
% passes at C+72%77%

Science double:75%

To compare school performance on 2017 results please follow the link to the dfe website; https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/142089/the-burgess-hill-academy