The Burgess Hill Academy

On 1 September 2016 The Burgess Hill Academy opened as part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust.

School’s Minister, Lord Nash approved plans for Oakmeeds Community College to open as The Burgess Hill Academy following extensive consultation with parents, carers and staff.

The College was created as a County Secondary School in 1958 and became a Comprehensive School in 1971. Over the years, the school's role in the town has grown enormously. The new name and logo have been introduced to signify the start of an exciting chapter in the school’s history. The Burgess Hill Academy was the preferred choice of staff, students and parents, and emphasises the Trust’s aim to provide an outstanding school for the community of Burgess Hill. Students contributed to the new logo design which acknowledges the school’s history and the aspirations for its future success.

The academy shares a pleasant 30-acre site with London Meed School, one of our feeder primary schools, and Woodlands Meed School, and is situated conveniently near to the railway station and town centre. Links with the local business community are very strong and help us in many ways.

Teaching takes place in blocks that house specialist subject areas. Physical Education is taught in a fourth block that also houses the Hall and dining area. There is a separate Sports Hall that is also used extensively outside academy hours by members of the community. Teaching areas are well resourced with books and audio-visual equipment. Computers are widely available across the academy.